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Educational Videos

Susana's passion is to protect your best interest, to help you not only save money but to teach you how profitable owning real estate can be (and probably easier than you think). Did you know real estate can be a powerful tool against inflation? Make sure to follow her to learn more and get the lifestyle you deserve to have! Check her YouTube channel to watch short and easy-to-understand videos about real estate transactions and tips to make the most of them and avoid losing money or legal pitfalls.

Earnest Money Explained

One of the first steps after getting under contract is delivering the EARNEST MONEY, an important but often misunderstood moment for both buyers and sellers. This is probably the easiest-to-understand example to clarify some frequently asked questions about earnest money and the importance of this step.

Buying vs. Renting

Rent payments have been rising nationwide!!! Have you wondered if renting is actually more expensive than buying and owning your own home? Average monthly rent nationwide is higher than the average monthly mortgage and while fixed interest rates guarantee most of the time an amount of monthly payment, renters are facing monthly rents with frequent and violent increases on top of the current inflation

Due Diligence Period

Don’t overlook the importance of the due diligence period and protect your family and your investment 🏡💡 This crucial time allows you to thoroughly inspect the property and make informed decisions before closing the deal, however, there are a few things you need to be aware of so you can take advantage of this right. 

Final Walkthrough

Do you want to avoid unwanted surprises? Make sure to perform your right to a final walkthrough - which is a contingency to the contract- before closing on your home!

Want to see more videos? 

Subscribe to Susana's YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram to watch many other videos about the home buying/selling process, market updates, interest rates, inflation, and how to save in interest and make the most of your real estate investments.

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